Reasons People Fall in Love with Paris, France

Oh Paris! It is famously known as The City Of Light. The city is listed as among the most decorous and endearing city in the world. Some of the people do not agree with this but, the moment you mention Paris to any travel expert, they will agree that Paris is a place you have to be. Paris has a particular way of forcing people to love it. as of it’s part of the natural solutions for headaches. Others say it’s magic, but we shall find out what it is because we have listed some of the reasons why people fall in love with Paris in this article. Let’s find out!


The Reasons Why Paris is Loved by Many


  1. Paris is a Movie Scene


Many movies have been shot in Paris. The city is a scene for big cinemas and films that have even received awards such as Amelie, a film that was shot in Montmartre. Midnight in Paris is also a great movie that was shot in Paris. The movie featured Golden Age of Paris. The reason why Paris has been a scene for many movies and films is because it has eminent locations and also well-experienced movie professionals.


  1. Spectacular Views

Views in Paris are splendid. Do You love discovering new things and adventure? Then Paris is the place you have to be in. You can see amazing views from above and see the breathtaking views of France. You can also see alluring bridges. Paris has a total of 37 bridges that stretch Seine in Paris. The bridges are built of unique architecture and arts such as Pont Neuf and Bir-Hakeim. If you follow any of these bridges, they will direct you to new discoveries.


  1. Fashion


Fashion is one of the reasons people fall in love with Paris, France There is no way you can mention Paris and leave out fashion. Almost all known fashion brands are located in Paris. Brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, you name it. Even without the brands, the people in Paris are generally trendy and fashionable. Their clothes are polished and classy. Most of the charismatic fashion shows are held in Paris, week in week out. It is safe to say that Paris is the mother of fashion!


  1. The Café Culture


If you want Paris to be close to you, just take a café terrace seat and enjoy watching the happenings in the city. If you want to hang around with your friends and discuss a few things then you have to try out the café culture in Paris. This culture was adopted in 1689, after the opening of Café de Procope, which is currently known as Rue de I’Ancienne Comedie in Latin Quarter.


It was a place where all kinds of people including philosophers such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot and even Benjamin Franklin would go and stay for several hours enjoying their drinks as they discussed and held debate talks. This culture was adopted by many others and many other cafes were opened. Are you not a coffee lover? You can try the prominent hot chocolate at Angelina. Do you love macarons? Try out a different variety of them in Champs-Elysees. You cannot afford to miss the café experience!


In cessation, everyone who has visited Paris has fallen in love with the place because of one reason or the other. If you have never visited Paris, make a point of visiting Paris in France and you will love it. Do not miss out on all the fun!